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Customized paint job

  1. General information
  2. Service manual
  3. Examples of work
  4. Paint job in the closest colour to the OEM colour chart
  5. Pecularities of manufacturing

General information

You are able to order a paint job almost of any of our products for a token fee. We offer a wide range of colours and types of paint (gloss, matt, flourescent, metallic). The paint job almost in any colour takes 2-3 days, rare colours — one week.

Service manual

To order a customized paint job, please click "Custom-made" on the product's choice page.

After that, a menu will appear where you are able to choose one or two colours in which you want to paint your product. Also here you will know the price and the approximate work completion date (the date is specified with a cushion of time, the work is usually performed quicker).

Examples of work

Paint job in the closest colour to the OEM colour chart

For convenience we have chosen the colours from our colour palette which are the closest to the OEM motorcycles colour chart.

Attention! It should be noted that the colour of the product would not be one-hundred per cent the same as the colour of the motorcycle. To understand the difference between colours you can look the value of the distance metric ΔE (mathematical representation which allows to express in numbers the difference between two colours in colorimetry), to do that, please mouse over the colour you are interested in. Actually, colour perception depends on the individual, two different people perceive one and the same colour in a different way. It depends either on "training" or on individual characteristics of the person. On the average, the following parameters can be accepted:

— when ΔE is less than 1, the human eye does not see any difference;
— when ΔE is between 1 to 3 the human eye sees the difference if two things are put together and does not see any difference when they are apart;
— when ΔE is more than 3, the difference is perceptible even from a distance;

However, all this is applicable only under ideal conditions — in a good light and when the products have just been painted. When the light is low it is more difficult to see the difference, moreover, if one of the products was being used for a long period of time, the paint might just have come out.

Pecularities of manufacturing

We paint our products by a method of powder coating (more about powder coating). On the one hand, it is a cheap and easy way to get a nice-looking and scratchproof coating, but, on the other hand, it has one unpleasant feature — due to the use of electric charge during the process of painting that helps to get uniform coating, there is an unpainted area on every product (the place where an electric conducting cable is attached to).

We do our best to make this unpainted area as small as it is possible. Also, it is usually located at that area which will be hidden after the mounting of the part on the motorcycle.

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