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F series
F650CS F650GS 1999-2007 F650GS Twin F700GS F800GS 2008-2012
F800GS 2013+ F800GS Adventure F800GT F800R 2008-2011 F800R 2012-2014
F800R 2015+ F800S F800ST
R series
R1100S R1150R R1150R Rockster R1200GS 2005-2007 R1200GS 2008-2012
R1200GS LC 2013-2016 R1200GS LC 2017-2018 R1200GS Adventure 2005-2013 R1200GS LC Adventure 2014+ R1200R 2015+
R1200RS R1200RT 2005-2013 R1200RT 2014+ R1200S R1200ST
RnineT R1250GS R1250GS Adventure R1250RT R1250RS
S series
S1000R 2014-2016 S1000R 2017+ S1000RR 2009-2011 S1000RR 2012-2014 S1000RR 2015-2016
S1000RR 2017+ S1000XR
HP series
G series
G650GS G650 Xchallenge G650 Xcountry G650 Xmoto
K series
K1200GT K1200LT 1999-2003 K1200LT 2004-2009 K1200R Sport K1200RS
K1200S K1300GT K1300S K1600GT/GTL 2011-2016 K1600GT/GTL 2017+
K1600B (Bagger)
C series
C600 Sport C650GT 2012-2016 C650GT 2017+ C650 Evolution C650 Sport
690 Enduro 690 Enduro R 2009-2013 690 Enduro R 2014+ 690 Duke 2013+ 1090 Adventure
1090 Adventure R 1290 Super Adventure
CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN 2016-2017 CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN 2018+
Tiger 800 Tiger Explorer
Versys 1000 2012-2014 Versys 1000 2015+
Nuda 900 Nuda 900R

Different types of mounting hardware for you

You are able to choose one of four types of materials for mounting hardware almost for any of the products — stainless steel without any additional treatment, zinc-galvanised steel (the colour is similar with stainless one, but looks glossier), oxidized steel (black colour) and stainless steel with TiN coating (the colour of matt gold). The first three variants are sold without any extra charges.

To choose the type of mounting hardware you need to click "Mounting hardware" option on the product page and choose from the available variants (if you mouse over the name of mounting hardware you will see the photo of fasteners available for the specified product).

It should be noted that only this type of mounting hardware will be delivered in the selected version that is visible after its installation on the motocycle, except for bushings. Bushings and inside fasteners come without further treatment (bushings are made from aluminium, inside fasteners — stainless steel without any additional treatment).

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