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Unique products in a single copy

  1. General information
  2. Examples of work
  3. Service manual
  4. Recommendations for choice of material

General information

Virtually any of our products can be custom-made. We can make a simple cut-out or notch out a text and make minor changes to the shape of the product that together with a paint job of any available colour will make your product absolutely unique.

Examples of work

Service manual

The process of unique product production consists of three stages — creation of the project, the work on the project and the order of the product. We will focus on each of the stage below. On the average, the process from creation of the project to the dispatch of the finished product to the customer takes two weeks — after the development of the project and paying a prepayment we are working with you about a week to develop a 3D model of the future product, then, after full payment of the order it takes one more week to manufacture and paint the product.

Creation of the project on the development of the unique design product

The creation of the project takes place in the Workshop. At first, it is necessary to choose the Bike model and a product. In this article we will consider the process of the production of the unique product as in the case of a Mesh Headlight Guard for BMW F800GS Adventure.

After choosing the Bike model and the necessary product, a project creation mode is opened on the web page.

  1. The choice of the product part (it is displayed only if the finished product consists of several parts)
  2. The options of how the product will look like (the first and the third option is displayed also only if the finished product consists of several parts)
    • Like in a product series — a product exterior like in a series-produced product. It is required only if the mass-produced item answers your purposes and you want to order a custom-made version of another part of the product
    • Unique copy — this very option is necessary for you to create a unique design product
    • Not required — this option will not be added to the finished product. It is useful for those who have already have our series-produced product and want some part of it to be changed to custom-made one, so this option is not required.
  3. The choice of the material. Actually, you need to make the final decision about what material to choose later, this option is required here only to know the estimated price of the product (the total price will depend on the complexity of the ordered product and, generally, it is not higher than -10%/+30%, but in some cases it can be 50% plus to the price you see in this mode).

Let us consider as an example the project of a series-produced Mesh Headlight Guard on the fasteners of which we will cut out an old logo of the torrent tracker "The Pirate Bay" in the shape of a clenched fist (like this one)

Mesh, we choose "Like in a product series".

Fastener on the left, we choose "Unique copy". The following section is opening.

  • Free text — it is the easiest way to describe in words your vision of the product
  • Sketch + free text — here besides describing the product you can sketch the future design of the product using the mouse
  • Solidworks блок — Is someone of your friends or you familiar with SolidWorks program? If so, this option is for you - download a pattern, draw everything you like within it and attach it to the mode below.

It would be preferable for us if you choose the third variant (we will be able to understand clearly your vision of the product and the development of it will take far less time), but as Solidworks is a very specific program and there are few people who are familiar with it, it is better to choose "Sketch + free text" variant as more suitable one.

We choose "Sketch + text", the section opens where we make a sketch (it is not necessary to make it look "nice", it is more important that our designer will be able to understand clearly your vision of the product, nothing more).

We type below, "I want to cut out an old logo of the Pirate Bay in the shape of a clenched fist, follow the link".

Fastener on the right, we choose "Unique copy" and repeat the same actions as we did before, you might not make a sketch and just type, "I want to do the same things as on the fastener on the left".

After finishing all options we save the project (by clicking "Save" and entering the name) and send it for processing.

The work on the project

The work on the saved projects takes place in "My projects" section. After saving the project it appears on the page in the "Pending" section.

Then you can either delete or edit it and send it for processing — it is necessary to click "Pay and send to processing". Advance payment is a kind of our assurance in case you decide to withdraw from your order but the unique design product would be already developed (in this case advance payment is not refunded). This prepaid amount will be deducted during the full payment of your order.

After making advance payment the project comes to "In processing" section.

While the project is not started working on by our designer you are still able to modify it. After taking it into work our designer can send you a commentary or ask clarification questions (in this case you will get request e-mails) or offer you instantly the finished version of the product (one or more) and variants of price depending on the type of chosen material (if there is a possibility to manufacture this kind of product of several types of materials).

When our designer will make a 3D model of your product, you will get an e-mail and "The offer on the project received" mode will appear in the "Status" section on our web site, by clicking it you can see the offered variants.

Then you can either finish the project and start ordering the product or retutn the project for modification describing in details what you did not like.

Order of the product

After you finish the product the offered variants (any of them, in case you were offered more than one variant) can be ordered in the Shop. By going to the product section in the Shop (in this case, follow here) we click "Custom-made" and choose the option "Product exterior + material". In this option we choose variants of the unique design from the available and material.

Then we choose colour, the type of mounting hardware and add the order to the Cart. After payment received, approximately in one week, the following product will be manufactured (we make a photo of all of our products before shipping so you will be able to see it up to the date of delivery).

Recommendations for choice of material

Depending on the kind of the product you will be offered different types of materials from which we can manufacture this item (because of technological specifications of production and operation some products can be manufactured only from one/two materials)

Aluminium, Stainless steel
The specified materials, the products made from them will appear surely fine and serve you for a long period of time.

Mirror finish on stainless steel
This is also a nice-looking and durable material, but, firstly, it is not scratchproof (it is easier to scratch it than a coated product) and, secondly, currently we do not polish finished products made from this type of material, so it is possible that small traces of laser cutting will be seen on both sides of the finished product (they are usually visible when cutting small holes).

The product will be manufactured from simple steel. Although the product made of this type of steel will not differ in appearance from the one made from stainless steel, its period of service will be considerably shorter due to the process of corrosion. So we recommend you to choose this type of material if only the price is a matter of great importance for you.

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